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Activity Evaluation Form

  1. We want your opinion. To better serve you, Franklin County Parks and Recreation would like for you to take a moment and assess the activity that you or your child participated in.
  2. What type of activity were you or your child involved in?
  3. Please rank your experience.
  4. Registration process was efficient.
  5. Registration fees were reasonable.
  6. Activity location was convenient.
  7. Activity times were convenient.
  8. Activity was enjoyable.
  9. Staff/instructors/coaches were friendly and helpful.
  10. Staff/instructors/coaches were organized and prompt.
  11. Staff/instructors/coaches were knowledgeable.
  12. Facilities and equipment were safe.
  13. Facilities and equipment were clean and welcoming.
  14. How did you learn about the activity?
  15. Franklin County Parks and Recreation appreciates your input regarding the activities we offer. You can also call us at 540-483-9293 if you would like to speak with someone directly. Thank you.
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