I want to sponsor my sons team. What do I do?

When the coach calls you, let them know that you are interested!

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1. Are there any scholarships for youth sports?
2. I registered my child to play a sport. What do I do now?
3. My child misses the cutoff by 2 days and they want to move up to the next league, but the web site won't allow me to register for that league. Is that allowed?
4. My child wants to play tee ball, he won't be 4 until May 3. Can I still sign him up?
5. What is the criteria for participating in a recreation sports team in Franklin County?
6. My child can't decide. Can she play soccer and tee ball?
7. I want to coach my daughter's team. What do I do?
8. I want to sponsor my sons team. What do I do?
9. What's the deal with trophies, banquets and pictures?
10. Do we have to buy uniforms?
11. Who decides the team name and colors?
12. My daughter played spring soccer and wants to play fall, do I have to sign her up again?