Recreation Advisory Commission


To contact the Recreation Advisory Commission (RAC) Members, please call 540-483-9293.

About the Commission

The objective of the RAC shall be to function as an advisory body to the Franklin County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Franklin County Board of Supervisors. Granted in February of 1994, the Franklin County Board of Supervisors passed legislation to allow the operational structure of the Parks and Recreation Department to be jointly administered in the following capacity:

  • By recommending the establishment of relevant policies for the development and enhancement of recreational programs and park facilities.
  • By assisting the Department and the Board in improving relationships between the community and the Department through civic, business, and other community representatives within their respective districts.
  • By providing an additional resource for evaluating existing and proposed Departmental programs and facilities.
  • By assisting the Director in development of strategic plans for implementation of long-term goals and objectives to meet anticipated community needs.
  • By providing the Director with general advice on the operation and implementation of both programming and recreational facilities.

Election of Members

Each member of the RAC shall be appointed by the Board and shall be elected in the following manner: one member shall be appointed from each electoral district; provided that one member shall be appointed at large; irrespective of his/her residence within any particular electoral district. The Board may modify the requirement for appointment by electoral district for original appointments to the RAC.