Life Skills


Learn how to construct your very own Tumbler-Style Composter using a 53-55 gallon food grade barrel (42” in height and 24” in diameter) for processing food and yard scraps into fertile soil to use in your flower and vegetable gardens. Necessary hardware items are included in the price of each Tumbler-Style Compost barrel. To make your workshop experience convenient, please bring the following supplies: Power drill, drill bits to drill pilot and air holes (3/32”, 1/4”, 1/2” & 1”). Phillips head drill bit for wood screws, transportation to haul finished project (3.5’L x 31’’W x 4.6’H) along with minimal skill and plenty of patience.

Registration Deadline: One week prior to workshop

Thursday, Mar 19Essig Rec Center5:30 pm-7:30 pm18+$50
Thursday, Apr 23


If you would like to harvest rain water for your garden and landscaping needs then this is an opportunity for you to construct your very own rain barrel. This old idea is making a big splash! Please have the proper transportation to take the barrel home as they are approximately 53 gallons measuring 42 inches in height and 24 inches in diameter.

Registration Deadline: One week before class

Thursday, Mar 5Essig Rec Center5:30 pm-7 pm18+$50
Thursday, Apr 


In this workshop you can learn a lot about mushrooms; how they grow, what they look like and when to look for them. Beginners will be instructed on the anatomical observations needed to identify 20 common mushrooms.

Registration Deadline: One week prior to workshop

3rd Thur of each monthEssig Rec Center12 pm-2:30 pmAll$10 ages 18-49
6 pm-8:30 pm$5 Ages 8-17 or 50-69
70+ FREE